To my boo <3 :)

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To my boo <3 :)

Well, Killjoys, sorry if you find this annoying. But I need to vent about my boyfriend.... I miss him sooooo fucking much right now and i havent talked to him in a while :/

Christophe... I love you with all my heart <33 No matter what my parents do, I will never forget you, and I always will love you. You're the most amazing person I have EVER met, and You're... you and I love that. You love me for who i am and i love you for who you are.

You're sweet, nice, funny, i dont know if you'd believe me, but you're still hot ;), you are smart, you're outgoing, your not a goody too shoes :P, you're not a stupid dumbass full of just hormones and thinks about sex (Thank god!), you put up with all my stupid shit, and.... you were the real reason why I havent killed myself yet.

My family and Killjoy friends help me alot, but to be honest your the biggest reason. I cant live my life without you <3 without you, i wouldnt be alive, and i wouldnt be myself...

And I'll always fight for you and me being together <3 and i dont care what other people say about how stupid long distance relationships are.. You're worth it<3

I Love You <33


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