A Little Update

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A Little Update

Remember how i was standing up to a controlling guy who i lost my best friend for because he thought i was doing stuff with my best friend? well... heres what happened yesterday..

1) I got my best friend back :) so happy... happiest ever.. like.... god.. happiest this week thats for sure!

2) between me and that guy i stood up to:
Me: "I want to be just friends. if not, then nothing at all."
xxxx: "Why the sudden change of heart?"
"Its not a sudden change. Its what i knida wanted anyways but... when Alex was ignoring me... well, lets just say i never want to feel that way again."
"Or you just want his dick. So you're choosing Alex?"
"XXXX... wow. No? Hes been my best friend since 7th grade. Get over yourself. Yes I'm choosing Alex."
"Mmm. Right. Just friends."
"Thanks for calling me a whore pretty much. but i dont know, maybe you should find a new slut or whore to fuck with and control. cause im done."

I was shaking, i was so nervous... like, how scary contolling he has been... i was scared of being alone with him. my friend stayed far behind keeping watch, but i still didnt feel safe.
but i think we're finally done. Im nervous he'll try something, so im going to talk to my coaches and possibly my school principal to keep him away from me.. but god im so happy i got Alex back :)

oops... theres my friends name.. :)

hows everyone else :)

I saw The Great Gatsby... LOVED it... Leonardo DiCaprio is astonishing <3