I apologize?

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I apologize?

and now for another little rant i guess :/
soo i just came home from my dads and step moms and well, i decided i fucking hate it there.

I was making myself dinner and by accident i had dropped a new box of strawberries. now i quickly picked them up, and they could be washed but my step mother starts flipping out, and yells, "Why cant you..?!"
I look at her and ask, "Why cant i what?"
"Why cant you be normal?"

wow.. um thanks, i guess?

Im sorry im not your typical, straight-A student with blonde hair who loves to exercise, loves the color pink, and all that stuff because they're so perfectly normal! Id rather be real as i canbe than fake. No offense if you're like that, and 100% real, but all the girls at my school who are like this are 100% fake. I cant stand this.
I dont want to be fucking normal. i dont want to be perfect. dont you fucking get it? holy shit.