Heaven Help Us part 6

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Heaven Help Us part 6

Kobra's P.O.V

I walk out of my room, leaving Poison and Ritalin together. I walk out into the living room up to Thunder, and punch him as hard as I can. "You are the biggest prique i have ever met! You had absolutly NO right to do that to Ritalin! She loved you more than anything and would've done anything to keep you safe! You were her damn world! Now all she wants to kill you!" I yell at Thunder. I turn around but then look at him again. "And you know what? If she pulls a gun or kto him too. And he knife on you, me and Poison wont stop her."

I storm past Thunder and think, he had no right... she trusted him. She put everything out for him, and he didnt care. I never liked him though. Never will either. He's a backstabbing, two face, prique. Ritalin deserved better, and she knows that now. We all care about her so much, and we cant stand seeing her get hurt, again and again. I get a cup from the cupboard and put some juice in it for Ritalin. I go to the bathroom quickly and when i come back, I grab the drink and go to Poison and Ritalin.

When I reach my room, I walk in and see Ritalin asleep, with her head in Poison's lap and he's running his fingers through her hair. I think to myself, adorable picture right there. I walk over and Poison looks up. He sees the cup of juice and nods. I go to the side of the bed and gently shake Ritalin awake. "Hey, you should drink something.... you havent eatten yet and you dont have to like it, but you should at least drink something." She opens her eyes and looks at me, "Okay," she quietly says.

Ritalin sits up and takes the cup of juice. "Thanks Poison and Kobra," she says before she takes a sip. "No problem," Poison smiles, and I smile too and say, "Anything for you, Rit. Are you okay?" She slowly nods and says, "Yeah, I'm fine. I'll be okay. I have you two." We have a little group hug and we all smile and laugh, "Lithium." I say. She looks at me and laughs again. "Kid."