Heaven Help Us part 29

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Heaven Help Us part 29

Poison’s P.O.V
I grab Ritalin’s hand instantly, and when I start turning around, I use my other hand to reach for my ray gun.

Two outcomes;
Dracs or Flybys.

*Flybys are half avian, half human. They also hate vampires, werewolves, killjoys, dracs, and most humans. They have fangs, super strength, claws, and super speed. *

I turn to see Flybys of course. I’d rather have 4 dozen dracs, than the 6 Flybys that are in front of me. A Flyby steps forward and I recognize him.

Jay Sin, of course. “Hello Poison.” He nods at my brother. “Kobra.”

Ritalin squeezes my hand hard, and wraps her arm around my waist.

“Ah,” Sine says, and starts walking towards me and Ritalin. “This must be your girl. She’s quiet beautiful, Poison,” Sine says running a hand down Ritalin’s cheek. Ritalin pushes him hard, and grabs her gun.

“Don’t touch me,” she commands him.

Sine winks at Ritalin, “Fiesty.”

“Bite me.”

Ritalin puts her gun away and holds my hand again, and I pull her close.

“Leave her alone,” Kobra says. “you and your assholes already killed Raven from me. Don’t take Ritalin from Poison.”

Jay Sine snickers. “Oh, Kobra. I didn’t just kill her.”

Kobra steps towards Sine. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Tech show him what I mean,” Sine commands the second largest guy in the group. First being Sine.

‘Tech’ reaches in his pocket and takes out 3 polaroid’s, and hands them over to Kobra.

Kobra looks at two of them, “You son of a bitch.” After the third picture, Kobra snaps and pounces on Sine.

I do nothing but pick up the pictures. Ritalin over my shoulder looks at them. 2 were Raven’s dead body. 1 was Sine raping Raven’s dead body.

The only reason why I didn’t get in the fight, was to stay back with Ritalin. Everyone else is fighting. It’s pretty damn hectic.

I see one of the Flybys go behind Kobra, with his claws out, and ready to claw Kobra.

“KOBRA!!!” Ritalin screams.

“BEHIND YOU DUMBASS!!” I yell after.

Kobra spins around ducking, and grabs his gun, shooting the Flyby when he sees a clear shot. So now Sine and Tech are the only ones left.

Ritalin picks her gun up and lets go of me.

“Ritalin, don’t-‘’ I start but stop. She can do it.

Ritalin looks back at me. “I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetie.” I tell her.

She looks back at Sine and Tech. Then Sine rushes up to her and holds her waist pulling her close to him. She pushes his chest and points the gun at Sine.

“Get the hell away from my family. We weren’t doing anything bad, we were minding our own business. So you have two options.” Ritalin demands, and I smirk, because when I look at Sine, he’s actually scared.

But hey. Who wouldn’t be scared of a pissed off Ritalin Lithium, protecting her family?

“One,” Ritalin continues. “You just leave us alone, and we go on our way without hurting you guys.”

Sine and Tech look at each other and snicker.

“Two, you can get shot, and your pathetic follower, Tech, will have no idea on what to do without you.”

Bandit and Jet smile. “Rit’s herself again.” Jet laughs.

Ritalin also smiles, and her eyes glisten. “Choose a choice, baby doll.” She says to Sine sarcastically.

Sine sighs. “I think I’ll chooooose, one.” He runs up to Ritalin, grabs her by the waist and flies up in the air with her.

“RITALIN!!!” I scream up to her. I see her kicking and screaming.

Oh god, please. “DON’T HURT HER!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!” I scream again, and feel threat of tears, and give up on trying to keep them hidden.