Heaven Help Us part 11

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Heaven Help Us part 11

Thunder's P.O.V.

I overhear Poison, Ritalin, and Kobra talking. "I love Poison, more than I thought I loved Thunder actually." Ouch. That hurts. I hear Poison say, "I hope your not lying." Ritalin laughs, "No, I'm not lying." I'm hurt... I'm mad. I screwed up ANYTHING i had with her. I reach in my pocket and pull out the clear container. The poison I'm gonna use on Ritalin. "Okay, well, we're gonna go get dinner." I hear Poison and Ritalin get up so i run down the hall and stuff the poison back into my pocket.

Kobra and Poison's door opens and Kobra, Poison, and Ritalin come out. Ritalin looks at me and whispers something to Poison, who then looks at me and nods. I nod back at Poison and say, "Hey, where are you guys going?" "To get dinner." Ritalin tells me, and I act like I didnt know. "wanna come?" Poison offers and Ritalin's eyes go wide. She doesnt want me to go, I already know that. She probably wants alone time with Poison, so I shake my head, "Nah man, but thanks." Ritalin looks down and starts to walk away. DO SOMETHING! i tell myself.

"Hey, uh, Ritalin can we talk for a second?" I blurt out. Her, Poison, and Kobra stop and Ritalin touches Poison's arm, "Go see what Ghoul, Jet, Bandit, Punk, and Exposition want to eat." "Are you sure?" He asks her in an audiable whisper. "Yeah, I'll be fine," she smiles at him and he kisses her cheek, they both smile again and Kobra and Poison leave.

I take Ritalin by the arm and she pulls away, "Don't touch me." I pull my hands away, "Sorry, lets just go in my room and talk." We walk into my room and i sit on my bed. She sits at the other side of the room. "I guess i deserve distance." She just looks at me, "No shit, sherlock. Look! You finally got something right." "Listen," I start. "I'm sorry, okay? I miss you though, and still love you." I look at the knife on my dresser, I could easily kill her now. No, lure her in first. Then kill her. I look back at Ritalin whos standing up.

I stand up and walk close to her. I reach my left around her waist and take my right hand and hold her cheek. She gives me a startled look and says, "Thunder. I'm not taking you back." I feel every word the way she breaths, and pull a strand of hair behind her hair. "Why not?" I whisper. "Because trust me, you and Exposition are better for each other." I shake my head and lean down to kiss her but she pulls away. Before she leaves, Ritalin says, "And I dont belong with you... I never did" She shuts my door, and i sit on my bed. Two minutes later Exposition Rain came in my room and sat next to me.