Game On: Prolouge

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Game On: Prolouge

First before i begin the story, I want to say, I have two writtings going on right now. This one is not a fan fiction. I'm going to reupload my other two books, then finish on with that series. The other two i got a lot of good feedback, so im guessing you guys want to have those writtings again :)
James stalked into the Darkroom at his usual time, 5:30am, to get his next Mission.

"James Bleigh," the Famous One speaks through the speakers.

"Yes, honor," James kneels.

"Stand." James stands up striaght and claps his hands in front of his belt buckle. "Nice job. Now its time for Level Three."

James feels like the Famous One's joking. He JUST got done with Level Two.

"There's a man," he continues. "Mason Anderson. We need him dead. He knows too much about the Gaming System, and he is one of the lead Slayers."

"I respect you honor," James says, sweat beading on his forehead. "But I cannot yet kill a man.

An erie silence followed and after two minutes, the voice boomed. Angry, yet a hint of sympathy. "You're old enough James. We'll give you two years. After those two years, if you fail, and this man is still breathing, we will kill everyone you love. Everytime you you begin to love someone, we'll find out, and kill them. You will suffer a lonely life."

James thought of his father and his older brother. Then his friends back home. Then his father.

You know what, James thought, screw you dad. you broght me into this mess. "His location?"

"Boston," the voice pauses. "We'll send you out tomorrow. Wednesday you'll start at the school, to fit in."

"What does he know?"

"Everything you do and more. Our home base, who I am, when Recharge is and where, and our best and main Players identies and locations."

"Okay," James says, understanding more and feeling a bit of being able to fufill his revenge,for his mother's death.

"Is my father able to come with me?" James asks.

"You may choose if he goes. Flight is at 4:30am. Information's on the table for when you walk out."

Lights shut off and James was left in silence. So quiet he could hear himself breathing. He has a lot coming for himself, and if he doesnt want a lonely life, he needs rest, and to be prepared.

He turned and left.