Ah, just a lil confused

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Ah, just a lil confused

So im gonna say i like this guy Alex. People tell me he likes me but im not sure. i dont know if he has feelings for his ex, or me, or both i dont know.

Tell me what you think?

Every day he pokes my sides and tickles me and i do it back to him, im always catching him watching me, he laughs at me when i mess something up, all the time he jokes saying im mean, he makes me late for classes making me walk him to his locker, he messes up my hair, hes taken stuff from me and i have to like fight him in the hall for it, each time we touch that movie thing does happen xD we both look at each other for like 3 minutes.

but then, im confused because like well, when he makes me late most of the time, he's like had people walk with us, and some people tell me he's still got a thing for his ex and thats hes texting her. i really dont mind. its him. if its true then id back off and stuff, but im just confused, because this guy has always been there for me and i like him and a part of me thinks he likes me too?

I think i worded all that weird xD sorry if u dont really understand half that.