advice maybe?

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advice maybe?

first off I dyed my hair purple last night. joy joy. lol... umm yeah. so i guess i like it!

well, im so very confused. of course there's 2 guys involved with confusion.

one, (not saying real names) , Ive liked him for a while. i feel i mightve already discussed this but he flirts with me all the time (i obviously send it back) and he cares about me. hes always wanting me to smile, calls me pretty, tells me to stop wearing makeup, to think better of myself stuff like that. and well,,, he makes me smile.. i can have the shittiest day but if he walks into the room, i feel better and smile.. i do think about him a lot too.
thing is though, people tell me hes still in love with his ex :/ and even though he seems into me a lot, sometimes he just stops talking to me and like ignores me. the other day i walked up to him like usual and he looked at me all smug, rolled his eyes, and turned away. then two days later, we're flirting again. and i guess its obvious because some people think we're dating.

then theres

two, we started talking like a week ago. but i instantly started liking him :/ we do track and field together and yeah, well, he's funny nice and charming and all that stuff. we flirt too (i feel like a whore -.-). and he told my friend he liked me! saw the texts and everything and all that.
happy, yay, whatever. he wants to hang out on Saturday. im like sure (just gotta get around my mother -.-)
now heres a thing, he has a girlfriend -.- ive been told theyre not like super close whatever. im not going to ruin that, but he wont back down and im confused. like, i dont want to go between that, but if this can go somewhere.. idk.. i feel like a bitch for even thinking that. when we hang on saturday though (if) im most certainty not doing anything. just friends. but ugh its confusing i need advice :/