visiting the parawhores

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visiting the parawhores

so todays visit was to the paramore websight and unfortunately i am still in the dark about some of the goings on in the minds of the true parawhores.
this is because to access the true minds of the true parawhores you must become a member of the paramore fansite.
to become a member you pust pay 30 dollars a year.
this is one of mky personal hates. i dont see why they need 30 dollars a years extra off each fan, mcr mannage fine.
surely they should be greatful they have fans to use the websight?

anyway this is not about paramore, this is not about how much it costs to be a fan this is about the fans and maybe a little on the band but not much.

once again my dorkiness got the better of me, i know that parawhore are quite litterally enemies of the mcrmy and im not really sure their all that differant from us.

so i did what i could to find a way in.
on my search through the website i found a tiny chat.
yaaaaaay :)
now on my first visit the tiny chat was pretty much empty, appart from me there was one other user in the chat room.

for awhile we didnt talk.
when we did i discovered that parawhore 1 seemed quite nice. they werent mean didnt seem to be hateful in anyway.
we had a nice little convosation about russia, and snow. nothing mean happened really well not at all.

so as not much was happening in tiny chat (much to my disapointment,) i decided to take a wonder through the the disscussions board.

i enterd a room called strictly paramore and found a few items that caught my eye.

so item 1, one user has posted a comment describing how they feel about violent fans.
there words were i am just disapointed or sad rather because some fans are just soo violent.

now after my chat with parawhore1 (by the way thats not there user name) i didnt really see how that was.
thought after looking down this page somemore i discovered that some fans are a little violent, not in the sence of the beliebers but there was some offensive things on there.

Just saw a comment going 'Hey what happened to the Farro brothers? Did they leave or something?' A true paramore fan would know that they left months and months ago! @dominator is obviously not a true fan.

that was one comment, now its not violent its just slightly unpleasant, its quite petty really mainly because they felt the need to name the person.
basically they just want to think themselves better than them again. this seems quite a common thing among fanbases so far.

the most violent thing i found whilst looking down the board was this.

• Bullshit you can.
The accusations that are being claimed against it without any real evidence is ridiculous.
Until you know exactly how it was edited I'm just gonna say that your "opinion" is full of shit with no factual basis

so this may not seem too violent, well its not its just the use of language.

something people dont seem to realise is that the language they use on the internet should be no differant than what they would use in everyday life. would you go and confront a complete stranger like that?

so no matter how much i may have wanted to find some dort about parawhores i found more of this than hate.

• Dear Paramore,
you guys are really an outstanding band! Its like you guys are the soundtrack to everthing I feel, and I'm sure all of your other fans feel the same way too. You should all be very proud of all that you have accomplished and i wish you all the best from this moment on. i know this sounds really negative but, it makes me so angry that I'm never going to meet you guys in person. And when I do think that its just a huge downer. But to stay positive in that situation I just like to look up at the moon and just think that somewhere probably thousands of miles away from me people as awesome as you guys are looking up at the same moon too. And I know I'm just going to sound like every fan that has ever posted a comment, but is there ever going to be a chance that you guys come to the "Hawkeye State"?

and this

i love ur music!! i love you all too! u seem so down to earth and i cant stop listening to ur music. ur music represents something larger than life and it represents for what uu stand for. ur amazing. be who u are and love being who u r. from your fan.

and this

for me
is like...
childhood memories

Though there seems to be more violence coming from the band.
some of you may know they have just split in two with the farro brothers leaving.
the way the media have portrayed it makes it seem like both sides behaived childishly though it seems like overall the media have taken the side of the farro's.

i have to say i would have two bt this is mostly down to my hatred for hayley.

anyway. i have now spent at least two hours putting this research into a blog so here you go , my fianl view on things are that the parawhores are pretty much like us. they will defend their band at all costs, they feel like paramore have influenced theior lives and changed them so much.

so why is it that we hate them so much when they are in fact so like us, could it be that we feel challenged by them? are we afraid of the parawhores?

i hope not.

i'll do one on hayley williams tomorrow