update on the skits :)

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update on the skits :)

so for anyone who was wondering we did our first day of filming for the list of sayings which has no name sugestions would be good.

so it went well we think some of our cast were a little un happy about things but we think we've got to the bottom of why and will solve it in school tomorrow :)

so the list was left at my house (because im a div and should never be trusted with something as important) we had to remember as many as possible as we could meaning that some of the best have been put in because those are best to remember.

the scenes we filmed today were skittles oin a hole and we got some for the stereotypical school sketch which isnt done yet therefore has no name.

we did ppretty good charactor wise, i was a funeral person with a black parade style coat :) for the skittles in a hole one and a chavtastic teen mother of two (three to be) costumes were pretty good too actually we managed to get harriet who hates my chem hates black and red together hates scene kid and emo0 styles to be the scene kid and me and imo took control of that pretty quick and in the end she looked amazingly cool :)

jessi was a nerd and a funeral goer and she looked so nerdy and funerally it was rather cool. imo was a eulogy reader and a reporter but we havent filmed much of the second skit so she doesnt have a big part yet.

spent today drinking lots of coffee and mostly feeling like a complete skank because foundation on the lips is not an attractive look.

am now listening to the blackout while my face recovers from scrubbing of the makeup that made me look like a chav.

sad to say its gonna be awhile until i actually post any skits on herer but we may post the makings ofs after we post some skits if they are popular enough because our out takes are hilariouse; we got attacked by a wasp (well imo did) and i had to have a baby as the chav so i named it kesha and did its make up :)