song for the butterfly project

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song for the butterfly project

i wrote this song for the butterfly project and if you could all help me get it to 1000 views that would be amazing.

for those of yoou who dont know the butterfly project is something that is very close to my heart as it is a charity that help people who self harm or are depressed, they have helped some of my friends, and in return i wanted to help them, not many people i know had heard of them and this didnt ake me angry or irritated as such just made me want to make people more aware of them, cause in a way this is my way of giving something to the world without sounding too cheasy if this video can get to 1000 views thats a potential number of people i have helped, and i wont have helped 1000 people directly, i mean that would be great but i wont have, but someone might have a friend or something even a friend of a friend that i could potentially have helped therefor helping their friend and maybe even the friend of a friend somehow but i want to help as many people as i can just like the butterfly project helped me, cause i can tell you its one of the worst feelings knowing your friend is hurting themselves because they hate everything about themselves and no motter what you try you cant do anything about it.

so if you could copy and paste this and share the video on twitter or wherever that would be amazing :)

thanks guys