a song for the butterfly project

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a song for the butterfly project

this is a song i wrote to raise awareness about the butterfly project, its a project who support people who self harm, self harm is something that has affected me alot these past two years and i think had i not expirienced and my friends not epirience what they have, i would be a very different person today, i think they might have aswell. im not saying we would have been better people, i dont thin we would have been, but i do think we would at least be happier.

self harm is never good nor right.

my song isnt about that though it was about how we all have something to stay strong for in the end and about rising up from who we are and pulling through all the shit thats thrown our way, cause however dark times can be, there is always a light and if we stay strong and pull through one day we will see that and things will get better.

in case you were wondering, mcr inspired this, they also saved me from myself.