so i just popped over to the justin beiber site ....

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so i just popped over to the justin beiber site ....

because i was curious about other fan sites and decided i would look for something similar to zone 6 on there to get an insight on the beiliber population; because you see the beliebers get a lot of hate on this website, and im not saying it is wrong but im not saying it is right as hate is a strong word.
so on this websight (which by the way is sparkly and all glittery ready for xmas) i found something called tiny chat.
tiny chat is a live chat where beliebers can chat basically, its something alot of the mcrmy want for this site but we have not yet been given.
i think that after what i have seen on tiny chat i understand why.
you see on tiny chat all the beliebrs get to chat with eachother all in one go, everyone signed on; it doesnt work.
now this is mainly due to the fact that people all have convosations with other people but its all in groups of about five or six each talking to eachother but instead of differant chat boxes its all in one.
this is just confusing to try and follow, i have tried by the way.
appart from anything else alot of convosations were just lots of arguements, petty arguements and ones that sounded more serious.
some of the arguements on there seemed to fall into the catagory of cyber bullying!!!!!!!!!
now i am not doing this to dig at the beliebers because i dont know them but i will now however go off what i have seen in tiny chat today.

one user whos name i shall not mention was talking about how they got another belieber into hospital on monday night.

this was with one of the said belibers friends.

now one user who i shall definately not mention as this user seems to dominate the chat, this user was constantly bullying two other users telling them that nobody liked them and that everyone hated them.
now i am aware that this doesnt just go for the belieber comunity but also for anyother fanbase and i know that however much someone likes to believe that their fanbase are strong and everyone loves eachother i know that this is most definately not true.

now this is not the fanbase or the band or whoever the fans are fans of its not their fault either.

the fault is in human genetics.
the fault is something that we cant get rid of but we can definately try to overcome it.
the said fault is competetiveness and just overall human nature.

we like to dig at people, we like to feel like we have power and we can get this by making other people feel small.

so im not saying its just the belibers that are like this but i am saying that i can probably guess that there fan base s reletavely weak.

however until a live chat is put on the mcr chat i guess i shall not know wether the same is true for us as there is no evidence to what goes on in private messaging.

i can however say that from my own expiriences that i have never come across a bad killjoy and we do all seem to be heald together quite nicely. so from what i have seen we are an imensely strong fanbase who will look out for eachother at any cost.

but i do not doubt that there are a remote few who do not fit this and im sure if they were to read it they would know if it was one of them, now as i have never come across anyone under the catagory id like to think they were none existent but i know that that would be too good to be true as i can only say that i have come across alot of cyber bullying in my reletively short life of only 14 years only about 5 of those where i used a chat of some kind.

i hope its none exeistent here but its probably not. i think that tomorrow or maybe the day after i shall post another blog like this but from someone elses site so come and read it if you two are a complete dork who is interested in this kid of thing :)

i will probably do jls as earlier when i was checking their site they seem to be quite like ours and they seem nice :D