a little story for you all :)

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a little story for you all :)

its only short and i used t in a writing competition but i didnt win i think its mainly to do with the subject matter though that being demons inside someones mind but read it cause it made my mom english teacher, nan sister and friend cry :)

its called famous last words :)

If I told you what I did would you believe me? I don’t think you would. That’s where you’re missing out. If you stop reading now you’ll never know my secret. What do you say; can you bring yourself to believe me?

My head is spinning; the marble floor beneath me seems like such a long way down. I’m looking straight into the eyes of my killer; I’d run but I’m paralysed with fear. I’d scream but my mouth is clamped shut. Sweat trickles down my neck and I feel my breathing gradually getting faster and heavier. They stand there looking down at my helpless body, they know my grip on the ledge is loosening. They only have to nudge me with their foot and that’s it. Their mouth forms a twisted smile. Their eyes are fearless and triumphant. They don’t say anything they just raise their foot above my hands.

I wake up soaked in a cold sweat. I can’t move but I’m alive and that’s what matters; Right? I fumble around for the light switch and turn it on. The light is blinding but at least it scares away the blackness that had cloaked me in fear before. I roll out of bed and only stand when im sure I can feel the icy floor beneath my feet. My legs are shaking but I have to get away from this place; away from the dream.

The house is trapped in a deadly silence and I can feel my heart beat quicken as my imagination takes over, painting a picture of what the next room could have in store for me.

The street is deserted, the cold air is icy on my cheeks and the sky is just a mass of nothing. No stars? I sling my bag over my back and run down the street. I don’t know where I’m going or what I’ll do when I get there but I know I can’t go back home. Not now.

The beach is so beautiful from the cliff top, I stand motionless for a while watching and listening to the waves roll in. when I was little I remember grandma talking about the white horses or something, she said that’s what they called them when she was at school. I liked the thought of them racing to the shore and exploding onto the rocks soaking passers by with a salty spray.

Then I heard it. “violet, violet” uh oh they were back. “what are you doing violet?” they whisperd in my ears. I couldn’t answer them. I look around for them but once again they are invisible to the human eye. “violet are you leaving us?” says one taunting me; they want answers. I wish I could tell them. “but violet what would you do if we were to tell someone your little secret?” says another menacingly. “what do you want?” I say trying to stay calm; if they keep you scared they will keep you controlled. “you know exactly what we want, why bother?” they whisper slightly louder than before. “ I’m stronger than you.” I say I know im not but I’ll do anything to get rid of them.
“didn’t your mother ever tell you it was bad to lie? But then im sure you know that…” I wont let them say it. “we had a deal remember” I say confidently. Whatever they are they cant break promises. “yes but you broke it remember” says their leader slyly. The thing is they’re right; I did break the deal. Im stuck now. I cant join them though I cant do what they do. I’d rather die. Then I have an idea. I turn to face away from the beach and begin to talk slowly pacing each word perfectly. “you know what destroys the deal entirely, don’t you?” I say, “ I do and this is why im stronger,” I edge back till I can feel my feet on the edge of the cliff. “ I can destroy you all and you cant stop me” im smiling, I’ve outsmarted them now. They’re hanging on my every word. I rock back and forth on my heels and take a deep breath; My last breath. “what do you mean destroy us?”

“I mean these are my famous last words”

I smile as the air rushes past my body whipping my hair over my face.

The sensation of falling seems so beautiful, so mesmerising that as I hear the demons screaming in agony as their souls are torn from mine I grin and close my eyes as my body makes contact with the ground.

i hear the sound of snapping bones and craking all down my spine but keep my mouth shut as i join the black parade because those 8 words really were my famous last words.