fine lines 21

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fine lines 21

Ellie ran as fast as she could, something inside her was pulling her forward, she was tired, she wanted to stop running.

Behind her three killjoys were on her trail, they would have to stop sometime though; wouldn’t they?

The killjoys hide out was way too far behind them to see and as darkness crept over the desert Ellie was unsure where she was heading, not that it mattered her feet would take her there.

Well they would have done but something went wrong, as she was running, her foot caught on something the thing is instead of stopping she tried to keep going, obviously her foot stayed stuck and she fell face first into the dirt.
It confused her, why was she falling, that wasn’t meant to happen, what was going on, this wasn’t part of the plan!

She heard foot steps and somewhere inside her she felt something burning, sizzling, it hurt, it was hurting her brain, frying her mind. She felt electricity surging through he body and if shed had the guts to she would have screamed out in pain.
She clenched her fists in pain as her body began shutting down, as she felt her body connect completely with the ground she heard muffled voices and someone screaming in her ear, “get up, get up and run!” she didn’t understand it was a mans voice, they weren’t familiar and all there voices were crackling. It wasn’t the killjoys, they sounded real, they sounded alive, not computerised and drugged.


Lily swerved around staring at the empty space in front of her, it was supposed to be filled by a Drac, a killjoy, Korse, her dad? Whoever, it didn’t matter what mattered was that the space should not be empty.

She turned cautiously, it was there in front of her, the line, it was invisible but the charred sign about 50 feet in front of her, she just had to make shore mr invisible didn’t make himself, or herself known until she got there.

To her surprise there wasn’t much there, well what was she expecting, for it to be like an airport, shops, coffee houses, check in desk and border control?
No this was the California desert, the result of some nuclear disaster, it didn’t make sence and wasn’t ever going to all that she knew was that she was going to have to fit every inch of her body in between those two invisible lines because if she so much as put a hair over the border she was pretty much dead.

She was getting closer and closer now, she could feel it in the air, she breathed in a sigh of relief, but something out of the corner of her eye warned her that that breath was breathed two seconds too soon.

A bright white light beemed in front of her, she froze, the air in front of her was icy, painful to breath in, it bit at her lungs.

What was it?

She stepped forward again slowly but as her right foot hit the ground she almost leapt into action running for the inbetween zones but no sooner had she started than she was stopped, almost frozen as the white light surrounded her and engulfed her forcing her to the ground, she was wrapped in a thin layer of ice as she finally closed her eyes and lay asleep or dead under the setting sun.

Party returned a day later with blinks execution, as they entered the small hideout, everyone looked up in silence, though the look of disappointment on their faces told him that a certain runaway girl had not been retrieved, how had that been she was what nine for fucks sake.
Party sighed as he sat down, blinks joined serene madness as they had their little catch up meeting, kobra looked at his brother for a moment before his face lit up as he registered who it was, he got up and hugged him smiling childishly, it was nice to have his big brother back.

Butane revenge had returned a day before she was holding system failure at gun point and sinse the two had been separated they had not so much as looked at each other.
Blinks could sense the tension in the room and looked around to find the cause though when the door burst open followed by a rather flustered looking satellite bullet and a frazzled looking girl her thoughts were put at rest.

Serene jumped up the moment she saw the little girl lying in sats arms unconscious.

Though for some reason the four killjoys she was closest to only looked up for a moment, hope glimmered in their eyes before their faces were once again masked in disappointment.

Party poison sat down in the corner resting his head in hands before looking up and staring into space.

Ghoul got up and began pacing every now and then he would return to a chair and sit for a moment before jumping back up and pacing.

Kobra kept wondering over to the window checking each one twice before returning to his seat, he would repeat his little routine every few seconds and never looked up once.

Jet just stayed in his bed twiddling his thumbs though the look of concentration on his face showed that he was thinking deeply about something else.

“right!” said kobra, jumping up and startling maybe even himself.

Everyone in the small room looked up at him expectantly but all he could do was look at party for help.


It was sun set at the blind head quarters, micro storm was returning to his office where he was greeted by a rather disappointed looking Emily, as he entered she looked up at him before smiling weakly and walking towards the window. He approached her and placed an arm around her. he really had no clue.

“and what may I ask is making my sweet so sad?” he asked.

“tomorrow, three killjoys will be executed, I feel that extra security is needed, security that we just don’t have”

“we have plenty of dracs though right?” asked micro storm.

Emily turned to him, outrage written all over her face, she glared at him before pushing him away violently.

“no, we would have if some one had spent more time focussing on their fucking job than doubling as a super spy!” she yelled.

“woah woah woah, this is not just my fault” he said stepping away he found Emily extremely unattractive at that point.

“oh really, well micro storm, if that’s your real name”

“um hate to be a killjoy and all but its not my real name that’s um the point” he said though his voice cracked at the last point he wasn’t sure why but he felt like he should be very scared of his so called girlfriend.

“shut up will you!” she screamed at him shoving him against a wall and kicking his gun out of his hand agressivly grabbing him by the collar, “you were put in charge of the operation, you were sent out recruiting, you were the one who caqme back empty handed on one too many occasions and more importantly you are the one shooting our recruits dead” she said her eyes flashing red before turning away from micro and going to sit down.

“well I'm sorry for inforcing the rules but I am not the only one I mean what about that Chinese woman she kills any one she thinks is looking at her weirdly!”

“that Chinese woman is our boss!”, she paused and breathed deeply before turning back and smiling fakely at him. “ I'm terribly sorry I'm not sure what came over me” she said sweetly.

Micro storm let out a sigh of relief before edging back to the sofa to sit down.


Fleet Fox woke to the loud noise of HD Retarded’s burp ringing out through the darkness.
“Urgh, HD that stinks! I know that we Killjoy’s live rough and all, but that is plain disgusting!” she complained.
“I’m sorry, but I burp when I’m hungry. There’s nothing I can do about it!” he retorted.
Fleet didn’t reply. She could hear nothing but the deep breathing that told her that Budding Rose was still asleep.
She and her fellow Killjoy’s were sat in complete darkness. The only time that the darkness was quenched, was everyday when the door was opened, and small portions of food were thrown through the light, and tended to hit HD, as he always moved forwards as if the door had opened by itself and he could escape. The only reward he gained from this was a face full of the disgusting BL/ND food.
Suddenly, a line of light came from the door, and as usual, HD moved forwards expectantly.
But instead of a small mound of food flying into the room, a figure appeared in the doorway.
Fleet realized that the man was Pyre. His dark irises moved from one Killjoy to the other, taking in Fleet’s evil eyes, Bud’s sleeping figure, and HD’s belly rumbling.
“How’s things going Killjoy’s?” he asked, cheerfully.
“Oh, it’s going great!” Fleet said sarcastically. “We’re here having an amazing time sitting in the dark with no food, and the biggest whiner ever know to man-“
She gestured to HD.
“So yeah, you really are missing loads!” she finished, frowning.
“Good God, I was only asking,” Pyre said, although the cheerful note was still in his voice. “You guys are so dull. But I guess when I was younger, all I did was sit in my dark room all day, and listen to music. I was well into this band, they were called My Chemical Romance!”
He stopped dead, his eyes faraway.
Fleet’s eyes widened. WHAT?!?! she thought.
“Anyways, I bet you can’t wait until Friday eh?” Pyre carried on, after his little reminiscing phase, he returned to mocking them.
“Whosere?” Bud suddenly said, sleepily, sitting up, one of her flailing arms hitting Fleet around the head.
Fleet rubbed her head, and scowled.
“Well, see you then!” Pyre said, and walked back to the door. But before he left, he turned and regarded the Killjoy’s as he said one last thing.
“That ventilation shaft is always crap for having no Dracs there to talk to when I have to go on my rounds. Sometimes, being a BL/ND general is cack!”
And with that, the light vanished, and Fleet was left with the grumbling HD and sleepy Bud, who of whom she had a lot to tell!
Serene Madness looked from Dr D to Grave Digger. They were engaged in a fierce arm wrestle.
She was sat with Butane, who was fiddling about with her blood red highlights, a distant look in her eyes. They were sharing a tin of power pup.
Across the room, Neon Belle was engaging conversation with Silver Venom and Fire Writer, who were staring at her with a blank look on their faces as she jabbered away in French.
Satellite Bullet was stood next to the door, her face screwed up as if she was trying to remember something important that had just slipped away from her.
Party and Kobra were huddled in a corner, talking slowly and quietly. Even as brothers, they were remarkably close.
Fun Ghoul was sat with System Failure, who was seeming to try and comfort him because of the fact that his sister was imprisoned in the depths of a million BL/ND soldiers. Like Kobra, Jet and Party, his face was pinched and white from the worry of losing some of the people who mean the most to him.
Blinks! Execution was sat on her own, staring at her own paper white hands.
Candy Killer was also on her own. She was gazing around at the Killjoy’s a contented, peaceful look.
Dark Day wasn’t present, and neither was Desert whip.
Dr D had explained why Dark Day had betrayed them, and Serene hadn’t stayed mad at her for long. If someone she loved was being held before the barrel of a gun, she would do anything to save them. However, some of the Killjoy’s still showed their anger. Desert Whip however, had shown full forgiveness towards the girl, and was keeping her company. Serene knew that Dr D had saved Desert’s life, and so understood why Desert was so loyal to his words.
Serene moved her gaze back to Party and Kobra. They had clasped hands, and had stopped talking. Jet and Ghoul had joined them, and they sat so that they faced away from the others in the room, and could be seen by only each other.
Serene knew what they were doing, but then again, it didn’t take a genius! They were obviously plotting how to get the captured back. She wanted to stop them, but she knew it was no good! Once those guys had decided something important, there was no stopping them from changing their minds.
Suddenly, Serene had an overpowering urge to go outside, and look at the stars. In the days before BL/ND she had used to love astronomy.
So Serene quietly stood up, and slipped past Satellite, and out of the room.
When she had finally reached outside, she breathed in the cool air of the night, and looked up at the stars sprayed above her.
As she gazed up, her thoughts moved to an unusual subject: Micro Storm.
She wondered where he had gone ever since he had been kicked out for punching the lights out of Party Poison, who had done nothing but glare at him.
Serene felt a little anxious that Micro Storm had disappeared completely without trace, even though he knew a lot of the Killjoy’s precious secrets. Would he start spilling them to BL/ND?
Suddenly, she noticed a light figure moving towards her through the darkness.
She sprung up, alarmed, and whipped her gun out. But then she recognized the gliding movement of the person before her.
“Hi Show Pony!” she said, smiling.

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