I am having a major meltdown because I can't wait one more second for MCR's new songs to come out.

I CAN'T TAKE IT. I MUST listen to MCR's new songs!!!! I've been searching everywhere for music like MCR so I could listen to something else cool while I wait for their new songs, but it's just not working. Here are some pics of MCR. BOB IS STILL IN THESE PICS *sob* I miss Bob! I just can't believe MCR could break apart like that. I always thought of them as a solid cement wall, which is difficult to break apart. Now, since Bob left, I imagine a huge wrecking ball swinging through and breaking part of the wall. q;oweurhfnpqiowghxfiwhbchivqivbqx ilhyqbouixyhebdvchzbvosyvfouxyvzuwerfvou Now I'm pissed.