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Well, hello peeps.
I'm here just to say HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MCR's DAY!
It still hurts sometimes, but I am so thankful, so glad to be here, and now, with all the smiles, the things I've learned frome them, all they have me, the revenhe, love, life, death, art, imagination, everything.
I'm glad, and not even with all the tears I've bleed for this band are enough to thanl them for just being them.

And after all, I just...
I love this fucking band, and I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but today, right now, I just can say that I will stay here, with MCR.

I will stay, and I won't let it die.

As Gerard said it lives in them, in the records, in us.

I'm gonna put all the records on real low and blow my mind as always.

As always when I was alone, depressed, hopeless and they were holding my hand and saying me "It's gonna be okay" (Shit, I wish it has italics or bold, or whatever)

So, guys, It's gonna be okay.

We'll carry on.

Xo. B