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I am literally counting down the days until Saturday

1) Free Comic Book Day!! Which means I get to preview the Killjoys comics. And maybe Umbrella Academy if they have it.
2) The basketball games that says whether or not my team goes to regionals, and if we do get that far, it says who we're going to have to play. Right now we're going to be up against Saint Thomas Moore, who was the first placed and undefeated team up until last weekend, when our team beat them and got our spot in the elimination. But now my team is training like crazy for hours every day, because we're the first team my school has that has gone this far. It's all the popular girls and a fifth grader who somehow made the team, but oh well.

So . . . psyched for Saturday! And my aunt's going to come over Saturday night and she lets me watch concerts. I can literally sing along to every word of The Black Parade Is Dead! now. So comics, basketball, and Chem. Yay.

And no school. I'll still have homework, but at least I'll be away from all the bitches at school. Hopefully Jae will be back by then, but I don't know.

~Cyanide Cola, signing off.