Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow Creeps in This Petty Pace..

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Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow Creeps in This Petty Pace..

I never thought I'd say this, but I wish school would hurry up and start again. Not for the actual school aspect, but the seeing my friends part haha. But I must admit, my classes are awesome this year! Also, I'm pretty bored and would enjoy having something to do for once.. all I've been doing for the past week is playing guitar. Which would be fun, had I not got bored of playing every song I can think of.

I'm wondering what this year will bring for me. It's kind of nerve-racking. Exams start this year, so I have to work extra hard which is a huge problem for me because I get bored/distracted way too easily. I swear someone needs to take my computer away from me.

I went pesco-vegetarian last Tuesday so it's been a full week now and it seems to be going good. Apart from the fact that my mum very kindly bought me these strawberry sweets that happen to have beef gelatin in them and I didn't want to say anything so they're just sitting in the cupboard waiting for someone to notice them :P

Aww, it's been really warm this morning. Sunny and hot which is extremely unusual for Scotland even in the middle of August. But I guess that's over now, because it just started raining :/ it's quite loud too... hmm. I think I'll text someone, it's one thing being bored, but being bored in the rain is just plain depressing :P