So Long, And Goodnight

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So Long, And Goodnight

This is one of my last days in this house. I hate it and I'm glad that we're moving. Awkwardly enough, the people that are moving in have a son who is in some of my classes at school and is one of my best friends best friend... anyway. We're leaving, case closed, and moving somewhere not that far away but with sooo much more space and a huge house and it's American style, so it reminds me on home. I only lived in America for five years. But it's home. Mainly because it's warmer.

So I'm supposed to be packing, obviously, but uh... procrastination. I'm also quite hungry and need to take a shower, but I've already got dressed and my parents aren't home with food yet so there's no point even looking.

Other news: In English we've been doing a lot of analysing and it's becoming quite a habit of mine. So I was analysing Famous Last Words for the past few days and have found a completely new meaning in the song, so I might be doing a mini essay on that and posting it on here. I've become very academic over the past week but it's starting to wear off so I dunno if I can be bothered xD I have my maths exam on Monday and after that we're starting Higher course work. Scary stuff, guys. I'm more scared for starting Higher than for taking the exam. I don't really mind about that. But I bet I'll fail now that I've said I'm not scared xD

Wish me luck!