Hair Cut

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Hair Cut

Hello fellow Killjoys!!! Hope all is well with everyone!! First I just wanna say that you guys are all sooo beautiful! Seriously! I was watching a video earlier of a bunch of Killjoys and I was so choked up! To see you guys just together is awesome!! All of you guys fighting together is just wonderful! And you guys are just some of the few (well not technically few becasue there are hundreds of you!!) people that are soooo amazing! You guys are like a family! And that is beautiful to me, because I have never seen sooo many people who share one common interest comr together and treat everyone with such kindness it's crazy!! You don't judge and you love and really care and want to help fellow Killjoys that need it! That is beautiful to me and I know that My Chem is extremely proud of all of us for doing this! For coming together and be a family like this! Ahhh!! Sorry if this is all weird. I'm just in one of my moods!!

So here's the point of this blog. I have my hair cut like Gerard has it in the Na, Na, Na video. As seen in the first picture. It's actually a really old picture because my hair isn't green anymore! It's a funky-fading-pink and purple. Anyways, I wanna cut it like Gerard has it in the second picture. Really short!! And then when it grows out again I'll cut it like Frank, in the last picture. I'm still continuely dying my hair random colors. I actually want to keep doing the hair thing until after I cut it short. Then I think I'll stop, it's a quite expensive thing to do.

So what I'm really asking is that you guys give me some comments on this idea. Throw some funky color designs my way, or give me your opinion on this here plan. Or about what I previously said about us being a family!!

Love to you all <3
-Mixie Mayhem