No concentration

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No concentration

I can't read big bulks of text right now. I just can't concentrate on them. Which isn't a good sign, but I'm just going to blame the essay I did yesterday which took about 8 hours. It's kind of ironic that I babble-write a lot when I can't concentrate...I'll try not to do that today.

But yeah, the essay I wrote, top marks! I got a Distinction which is basically equivalent to an A. I'm so proud. For part of the essay, I wrote about The Daily Mail creating a panic over 'emo', and mentioned MCR. And then for another part I wrote about hate crime and included the wise words of Kier Kemp (Fearless Vampire Killers -LISTEN TO THEM!!!) who spoke about hate crime and Sophie Lancaster on the Channel 4 news. So yeah, it was a really interesting subject and I'm really proud of my work which has made me really happy. Especially as I did it the day before it was due.

It's funny how some of my best pieces come from doing it the night before it's due. Having said that, I was looking through past assignments today and a lot of them were don the night before and I remember a lot of stress and a lot of coffee...

LISTEN TO FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS. They're on tour in the USA right now, and it's their first time over there, so catch them while you can! Unless you live somewhere that isn't the which case...wait it out...

Hope you guys are all fabby! Don't let them bring you down, because you're all fabulous people. And enjoy happiness. Revel in it.