im feelin alone part 2

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im feelin alone part 2

the horror movie didn't work...
im listenin to skylines and turnstiles..
and thinkin of idk..
im really not in a good mood..

anybody know how to occupied myself so that i dont need to think of scratch or cut myself???
those thoughts haunted me these lately...
and i've been trying so hard,,,,,,
in these three weeks not to go around and take needle or sumthin sharp,,,
and those thoughts just haunting me,,

im feelin useless and worthless and alone,,,

what should i do?
i dont want to hurt myself anymore.....

things are quite awful these couple days,,,

i need to smoke a lot but i just cant with all those fuckin people around me,,,,

crap,,,,idk what to write,,,,
just anybody tell me what to do,,
i just want to get rid of the idea of hurting myself...