i never, i repeat, never good in giving the title,not to mention with the state of confuzled like this!

why i fuckin love this site so much?
becoz all of you beautiful people, loveliest people in the world,,
so my mind were in between rant and grateful and happy and rage all at once,,
feel shity about it, puzzled.

i dunno sometimes i think people were just judgmental,maybe they dont really wanted to be that way or talked that way,,but sometimes i found it really hard to understand them without feel being judge.
like you know, me being me and listen to MCR's songs.
i just dont understand, it makes me sick sometimes,, :/
and also wondering, did i judge people?

im grateful and happy coz i can talk to you here,,
and edgetrevor is okay and rocky van marissa is okay,,
and acid Sunshine is the loveliest and kindest buddy ever!
*smile wide

now this is the shitiest part,,
i dont know why i feel this anger so much,,
i try to acknowledge it before it went bad and hurt me eventually..
so it goes like this,
i listen a lot to kinda music about loneliness or rage or desperation and so forth,,
the bad news of it, people tend to think that it's what i feel and im in such a constant state of anger, rage, sorrow, desperation and so on,,
which is im not,,
weird right? O.o
i do feel such things,but instead of talking to somebody (not that i dont want to, it just the crazy time zones,you know that i prefer to talk to you all here right?)
i listen to songs that represent it, so that it's easier for me to acknowledge it and then get out from it.
that's why MCR saves me!
people just dont understand arent they?

so i guess i could just swallowed it up and keep silence,,


okay,,guys have a great time!
and i'll make sure they never take me alive and i'd die with my mask on if i have to!