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Hair i love my hair.....but it needs to be side bangs have grown out past thier time and they need to be revived to my cheekbones. last time i got my friend to cut my bangs for me and they looked amazines ......a bit longs though so i finished them off and they looked amazing......and hey the six tries it took isnt bad for using saftey sissors! either way they looked amazing. so now the dilemma is going to the salon and having them do it for me while i get the split ends (yes we all get split ends...admit it) cut......or waiting to september when i can see my friend again to get proper side bangs.....i dont know what ill do but i better figure it out fast cause my studdent id picture is being taken on wendsay so i need to think quick. Ah crap i suck at thinking quick.....damn!

-Awkward Animation