x-actly what I thought

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x-actly what I thought

"Here's another song for the radio,here's another lie from the heart"

That quote from mcfly actually means something it means a lot.It explains the plastic,the fakeness of the 21st century of the music to the fashion to the politics people say stuff but they don't mean it.Liars are the norm and actors is the species.Sometimes people will let you down with lies but you have to move on.I know this probably will offend people but My Chemical Romance are of the few bands out there that can actually write their own songs,sing, play instuments and make life good once more.LIVE LIFE LOUD.Don't turn back.ignore the haters and live life to the fullest.Be real,be different be original and be you.

peace.eyeliner and more MCR!!!!

aviiis wonderland