Nightmares Can Be Beutiful.

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Nightmares Can Be Beutiful.

Why the hell do people copy me ???

They copy my sayings,my fashions and they even say they like thesame music even though they don't undersatand or listen to the lyrics.
It makes me feel rubbish but when my friend told me she cut because she wanted to know what it felt like I almost exploded I found out today she was havin me on but it made me so angry and upset with myself I just wanted to give up.Today I found out she was joking only the joke wasn't funny it upset me it triggered my hatred for myself to get worse.No one found it funny especially not me it was killing me and it stll is why the hell would you joke about that especially since a few of her other firends do as well if they heard it they wouldn't find it funny.Now she is probably reading this and getting annoyed or upset but it's true and I'm fed up of pretending to find it funny when it's not and now my headache which I have had since wednesday last week has gotten worse it feels like someone is always screaming at me which is okay because I love screamo it's just the screaming isn't even words it's just pain and anger it feels like someone is smashing bottles in my mind,hitting me and shouting I don't know but it might have something to do with depression because I do get depressed a lot and all through the easter holidays I felt like rubbish the only glimpse of happiness was Gee's birthday,Frank having another kid,performing in a cconcert and seeing my friends on one of the last days of the holidays so yeah in two weeks I only felt happy four times and even now I'm still not happy at least listening to A7X and My Chem is making me feel better if anyonelse feels like this can I please have some advice I feel so depressed it's unbelievable I feel like a broken toy unwanted and so hard to fix no one can be bothered to try.

Peace.Eyeliner and more MCR!!!!

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