Extra Info On Aviiis Wonderland

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Extra Info On Aviiis Wonderland

I thought the world would want to know more about me so here goes.

Have you ever.....
Spelt your own name wrong?
yes lot's it's embarrassing I know.
liked a girl/guy?
Yes and I still do but it's a secret shh.
kissed someone at school?
hugged someone at school?
Yes several times I always give people hugs it makes them feel loved and appreciated.
gotten a detention?
no but I have been given several penalties which are like detentions.
cried in school?
Yep like today from laughing too much in ict I laughed so hard i just sat ont he floor crying and laughing.
made new friends?
Obviously because otherwise I would be a loner and I like talking to people too much.
watched a football game?
Two years ago I watched Everton play Birmingham City obviously Everton won.
heard a rumor about yourself?
I am forever hearing rumours about myself but I don't give a damn what people have to say about me as I know it's a bunch of lies and if they were smart so would they.
made up some lame excuse for homework not being done?
yep several times and each time I have got away with it.
hate a teacher?
Yep but we shouldn't really as they are only doing there jobs the thing is this teacher made me cry twice in class a few years ago and the school allowed her to stay and now she keeps making this girl in my sisters class cry.
had your phone go off in class?
Yeah last year in a maths lesson my phone went off twice ...oops I didn't get in trouble though.
lied to a teacher?
Yeah I have lied several times to several teachers not something to be proud of.
laughed so hard you cried in class?
Several times probably almost everyday.
eaten lunch in the bathroom?
Hell no.
have a summer job?
Yeah last year I was a volunteer at the libary and all summer I helped young kids learn to read.

Now you know more about me I wanna know more about you try the test and post the answers there will be no hate because we are one big family I love you guys !!!xxx

Peace.Eyeliner and more MCR!!!!

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