Boredom wWhat Else Can I Say???

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Boredom wWhat Else Can I Say???

I love Primal Scream my favourite songs by them have to be:

1)Suicide Sally And Johnny Guitar
2)Dolls (sweet Rock N Roll)
3)Country Girl

They are an alternative rock group with a country edge I love them !!!

I love loads of different bands and they all fall into different genres:

punk rock
alternative rock
Heavy Grunge
and because I play in a brass band I guess you could say big band and jazz but that's the type of music I like.
I don't have a favourite song because I like so many bands but my favourite songs are definatly every single My Chem song they have ever performed,sang or written.
I want to be in a band I already write songs poems stories and you could say I'm an artist as a friend actually asked me for some of my work for her bedroom wall so that's cool.

What about you guys what music are you into and does anyonelse play in a brass band ???

peace.eyeliner and more MCR!!!!

aviiis "cyanide baby" wonderland