boredom yabbering

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boredom yabbering

once again its dark and I'm sitting in my room looking at the dull screen of my net book. I should be happy; I'm on my summer holiday but if anything I'm more bored then usual.
so, here i am sitting my monkey onesie, because you know i just felt like putting it on after i got soaked by rain earlier, as i contemplate the miserable rainy day iv been experiencing and the fact that i have to be up early tomorrow for a work, although i have no issue with the work its pleasant and easy and i get money for a tiny job. My issue is the fact that its the only thing i will be doing most likely. Me and my friends always say will do stuff but it never happens unless i organize it and remind them to not oversleep and forget on the day, i wish we more active and willing to do stuff but its summer and they waste chances for something fun... then again I am no better, only 2 days ago i was walking my dog and bumped into a friend walking there dog; we both had nothing else to do for the rest of the day but instead of spending time, in the gorgeous sunny day it was, hanging out and having a couple of laughs, i went home then spent the rest of the day wandering about bored and by myself, like the rest of my friends.
If anybody has read this far id like to say thanks for taking an interest but none is required i just needed something to write my thoughts on, I'll understand if anybody finds that to be complete bullshit as writing anything on a social site is very contradicting to a supposed private self monologue. Anyway this is no matter to my train of thought and has zero implications, therefore i shall continue;
to all these minor issues leading to my boredom, i guess id like to think could be sourced to British weather, weather to say at the very least, is unpredictable, however who can blame a mindless happening of nature to which yes can be an inconvenience and get in the way but only temporarily for the sun those shine. In the end only people can be blamed for not holding out on plans or wasting those good days on other affairs and when the time is perfect to do something then uncertainties get in the way uncertainties about details caused by too many maybes instead of yes or no. To be clear maybes can only lead to nothing, while a definite answer, even if negative, is still something, instead plans are given up on and forgotten, like so many meant too be stories reminds me of Shakespeare "to be or not to be, that is the questions" quote, just a random thought).
To be less depressing:
On the other half of the coin eventually things do happen, for the world may seem to turn slow but turns never the less. So i can look forward to days with sun and friends and the joy of days consisting of the will to do! instead of intentions that never come to life. so in all i may be bored, i may be sad and that will happen as long as rain falls and people disappoint but people will show that they live beyond there rooms and will use there spare time for something constructive and we will enjoy the summer as we take advantage of the days we have.

Anyway i think my train of thought is coming to an end, i apologies in full to anybody who read this for the slaughtering of punctuation, spelling and in general to English language. Here i shall end with a final statement and goodbye:
I pity does who waste there time for a teenage fools rambling like mine, i beg you treat your mind to better reads then this and do not focus on it, as its simply to organize my thoughts.
i now bid all of you fellow killjoys goodbye!

stay beautiful, keep it ugly!

- Astro Venom