Something to think about...

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Something to think about...

I do not know how alive this site is anymore.

I just have been thinking about saying this for a bit.

It is about marijuana.

If you are young and smoke it, reconsider. It may not seem like a terrible drug, but it is not good.

I have a boy friend who is 25 and started smoking as a teen(15 I think he said). I do believe a dependency does form. It becomes more emotional rather then physical(like a lot of drugs, which people do start using because emotional issues)
However research has shown using weed at a younger age does cause more issues then say if you started it around 21(21 because that is when your brain is fully developed). And you also do not use it too much,
I am speaking from experience as well, while I did not use it until 19, I was able to stop a few months later. I did develop a dependency then and it was not like it was hard for me to get it, I lived down the street from someone who let me smoke for free. I did stop.
I had not smoked it again until a few months ago, cause my boy friend(we have been together for almost 8 months). I did stop, I realized it was creating a lack of motivation in me. I also do not like when I crave it, it shows a emotional dependency is happening.

Studies have shown that if you use it from a young age you have memory issues(including short term), depression issues(marijuana is a downer, you may feel happy, but once the high wears off, it causes depression).
I also believe it does cause a lack of motivation and laziness. It causes a inability to be able to handle life, you should not need a drug to help you handle stress.

I really hope enough young people see this, this warning is for you. Try to limit smoking it. Try not least wait till you are a bit older and have finished school and have a career plan worked out. Try and get good grades so you can get scholarships.

Another thing is it may not be the "worst" thing out there, but chances are if you are getting it illegally, it has bad things in it. My sister told me about how some dealers were spraying little bits of glass on it to make it appear to have more THC. There is also a fake thing out that looks like marijuana, dealers mix it with real stuff. The fake is not good for you. It causes bad headaches. And some other symptoms. It is very hard to tell the difference.

One reason I feel the need to say this, is because my boy friend. He could be doing so much more with his life right now had he not started smoking weed. I believe that because it caused a lack of motivation. I am posting links to sites that talk about it. One thing it said explained my boy friend pretty well.

I love my boy friend, and do not wish for us to ever break up, but I know if he does not decide to stop, and go get a job so he can support himself and some day a family, I can't be with him. On top of that, I would not have a child with a pothead. If I end up having one, he will not be a part of his/her life until he has his own place and is working and not smoking. I have seen multiple situations of kids being raised around potheads. It is not okay. I would not put my child in that environment. My boy friend can get irritable and be a down right jerk sometimes because weed. I do not believe for a second it is anything else. It has also made him immature in a few ways(along with his older sister who is 27 and acts way younger). In some ways he does seem like a 15 year old still. I believe it is part because of marijuana. His parents do factor in, however I believe had he decided to stay away from drugs he would have an entirely different life now. He is smart.

I know there is worse drugs out there(I do believe marijuana is a drug. It is mind altering). I do believe if grown correct and if used is not a bad drug, however every single too much. I do not believe in it really being a gateway drug. If someone is looking for drugs...they my end up just finding one that they if weed makes them a certain way or the high is not what they want.

Unless you are in extreme pain, and I mean is okay to use every day. It is like anything, too much of anything is a bad thing.
I do believe the majority of what is said in these articles. Specially about it causing anxiety issues in teens. And depression.

Definition of dopamine-

I do not agree with the treatment for depression to be marijuana. It is known to be a downer.

If you are young and read all this, and looked at the site, I really hope it makes you think.
I understand weed is a bit different to each. I also know it does pretty much in a way effect everyone the same when it comes to motivation...the explanation is in the link about laziness.

If you have a issue with depression it could be a vitamin deficiency my mom and I where watching a documentary about health and how the medical society is over medication people. It actually talked about this.
Here it talks about it a bit. The first one has good suggestions. I am not sure about the sixth one.
The second link is about Niacin, it is a vitamin and I believe it was something talked about on the documentary. A lot of people now lack these vitamins because of over processed food.

I hope some of you took the time to read this....