Advice...I am not good with guy stuff..

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Advice...I am not good with guy stuff..

I have..well I guess currently we aren't together..a bf.
He has been busy. My birthday was yesterday...we have been together about 3 weeks. I did not tell him so I was not him not saying anything.
However last night I got bored and decided to check his facebook out.
Well, he had a pic of himself kissing some girl. I told him I wanted the back of my phone back last night...(we have the same phone, his is black mine is white...and we got them before we ever meet! lol)...after I got no reply. then today ....I texted him twice. Got a reply the second time. then he asked why am I acting this way. I told him..well I don't think I should say through text and he got mad. he said what..then three mins later he replied with..something that showed his anger...and impatience.

Then I just decided to tell him it was his facebook.
He said apparently this chick has a stalker and wanted to keep him away...(this chick also stated she wanted to stay single if she had this stalker he would have seen that). Anyway, he turned it around and just got all upset..cause I did not ask him. I am honest when I say I really did not expect to see that.
I do believe him and this girl aren't in any type of relationship. I do want to try and make it work between me and him. I know it sounds crazy...even though he really is acting like a 3 year old.

I told him I am sorry. I also asked him to just think about it.
He doesn't realize how it has been with me and my mom since we got together.
She is not happy that he is not a Christian.

She takes every chance to start lecturing me. I have not told him this. Maybe I should???
My mom, I love her. but she is ...very much a certain way. She is not one of those uptight people. She just forms ideas about certain things and nothing I say or anyone says can get her out of it.
I just give up on it.
I just...don't know. I really want to work stuff out with him. He won't reply to my text. He did say he will get my phone back to me..
I just want him to know I do not want it to end.

Or else it would have a week ago when he got a odd temper against me. He said sorry I decided to let it go...even though I wanted him to leave.
I have never done anything to really make him upset.

I just am not sure if he is trying to get me to think it is my fault and he really was cheating or what. I do believe him. I just think he should realize really was a loss....
I don't know..please someone help..