Please Define Normal to me part 20

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Please Define Normal to me part 20

2 days later

"You're doing great. Dont hold back though. When you fire, you want to put as much determination in it as possible." I instructed Jordyn.

We decided to start her archers training before mind control. Its important for her to be able to control a mind, but its also important that she can fire an arrow without missing the target.

All allins must be properly trained in archery. Im not sure why I didn't really pay attention to that, all I know is she needs to know how to shoot an arrow without accidently shooting me or one of the guys in the face.

The next arrow she shot hit the target right through the bullseye and actually sailed through the target hitting the wall

"Awesome! You're getting really great at this!" I praised her

"Really thanks!" J said putting her bow down

"What are you doing? i asked her confused

"Im just grabbing the arrows I shot already, Im out" She explained

"No need for that." I replied


I reached out my arm and waved it towards me as if gesturing someone to come forward.

"What?" J started walking towards me

"HIT THE DECK!" I screamed pushing her down as the arrows all flew into the wall behind me

"uh that didnt go as planned...." I said getting up.

"NO REALLY?" Someone screamed behind me

I turned aroudn to see James pressed against the wall, the arrows all surrounding him. Two where pinnning him to the wall just above his shoulders.

J and I looked at each other before cracking up

"Its not fuinny. Just get me down from here." He said glaring at us

"Alright." I said summong the arrows back into the quiver i had set the ground.

"I hate you right now" He said

"I love you too." I reokuied cockily

He rolled his eyes then messed my hair up which caused me to punch him in the arm

"Jesus woman youre going to kill me." He said walking away

"I wouldnt kill you! I would tie you up then torture you with every band you hate!" I yelled back

"Haha how about we get back to training" J asked

"Yep. Okay so the easiest thing to do when your are in combat and you use the bow is to keep the quiver on your back in a position that you can grab arrows quick and swift." I said demonstrating with my own quiver and bow

"Like this?" J asked holdign a stance similar to my own

"Pretty much, jsut move your quiver up slightly and have a firm grip between you arm so its not moving around." I said adjusting her hold on it

"Okay." J nodded her head

"Okay you have archery down. Now its time for hand to hand combat with James." I told her

"Okay, she said walking towards James

"Have fun kicking his ass!" I yelled to her

"Oh I will!" She replied

"I still hate you two!" James yelled