Please Define Normal to me part 18

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Please Define Normal to me part 18


"Okay I will teach you the basics first. We'll start with the sana incantation. this is for minor wounds." Mikey explained

"Got it." J said

"What you do is outstretch your arm towards the wound then says sana and it will heal." Mikey demonstrated with his arm

"Try it out on my arm. I have a rough scrape on there from earlier ironically." Mikey told her outstretching his arm to her

J nervoulsy held out her arm towards his closed her eyes and said softly "Sana."

Instantly the wound closed itself.

"I did it! yes!" J hugged Mikey

"Good job!" Mikey said huggin her back

As mikey continued to instruct her, James and Aquamaraius sat on the couch talking.

"You know, that scared me alot when you were shot." James told her

"Yeah it scared me too. I could actually feel myself dying while in that lock." Aquamaraius replied

"I thought I was going to lose you...I dont know what I would do without you in my life."James looked down.

"James...Can I tell you something?" Aquamaraius asked him

"Anything" James looked up at her

"I....I..I can't say it." Aquamaraius looked down blushing

"I love you." James said


"I said I love you. I always have. Ever since I recruited you for the warriors." James took her hands

"I love you too." Aquamaraius replied looking into his eyes

the two of hem leaned in ever so slowly when BAM

Aquamaraius and James shot away from each other to see a small fire in the background and J covering head kneeling mikey next to her in the same position

A shook her head and turned toawrds James and smiled. He smiled back.

"Im glad we fi-" James was cut off by Aquamaraius kissing him