Please Define Normal To me part 12

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Please Define Normal To me part 12

So since I have been gone for so long (ever since the site was messed up and a ton of blogs were gone this was on hiatus because I could never remember where I had ended it buts off now!) Im going to do a brief summarry of what happened last time in PDNTM

After A had been shot and Mikey saved her, the team found a new headquarters. A tried to figrue out how J had stopped time when she sensed something. Then Jarvus and Chains showed up where Jarvus revelaed that J was an allin. They now challeneged a fight when something that surprised A beyond measures happened.

Brask and Michaels came around us joining Jarvus.

"Nice job, you have pleased me. You may go." Jarbvus sadi to the both of them

Why those vile, backstabbing, betraying, bastards!

"You were in on it. Both of you? I can't believe you would cross over. Why would either of you do this?" I asked them

"We were never with you in the first place. Jarvus is our leader and always will be. Now you and the rest will die at his hand." Brask replied, voice filled with hatred.

"Oh you wish. You ready J?" I asked


We btoth jumped on our hover-boards and stood opposite of Jarvus and Chains.

J and I looked at eachother and nodded

"Advanceth towards us brethren!" I yelled obnoxiously and rushed towards Jarvus with my sword drawn.

J flew under Jarvus and pushed up on his board causing him to be ejected.

I shot an arrow his way while J rushed with her machete.

Little fucker managed to roll out of the way.

He also managed to find a stray sword and threw it at me. I dodged but it still sliced a small gash into my arm.

Chains came outta nowhere and grabbed me.

I elbowed him in the stomach and broke free. He got his gun out

"Oh no, your not going to catch me by surprise again sir motherfucker." I said smirking and dodging as he fired off rounds.

One just barely grazed the side of my boot.

"Nice try gramps. Too slow." I said dodging another bullet.

J mananged to get a cut in his arm.

"Come on gramps. Need to be a little more alert." J taunted him.

I flew towards Jarvus and started firing. He hadn't quite gotten back on his hover board yet so he started running with me trailing behind shooting arrows at his heel.

"RUN FOREST RUN!" I screamed continously shooting at him.

He trailed outside and I followed.

he must have summoned his hover board becauSe he was flying again.

I began to aim at him when he dissapeared. Where the hell did he go?!?!

I smirked and felt his presence behind me and turned around. I sfired and caught him right in the arm. He fell down.

J came out mid battle with Chains and overthrew him off his board for a moment and came over.

"Bye bye." She said

I kicked him in the head. knockign him unconcious then bound him together in handcuffs, rope, and chains. I dontthink hes going anywhere for awhile.

Then it happened.

It was all too quick.

J out of nowhere crumpled to the ground smacking her head pretty hard with a hole in her back and I turned to see Chains with Jarvus next rto him holding his gun out and smirking

"Better luck next time my dear." Chains said as he flew off.

Idropped to J's side and checked for injuries.

The back of her head was bleeding from where she hit her head and there was a huge gunshot wound in her back. Her arm had a nasty cut on it from a hit with a sword.

I wasnt sure if J would make it or not.