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School trip

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Apocalypse Killer's picture
on July 3, 2014 - 3:12pm

So school are taking is on a trip to Alton Towers tomorrow and all I want to know is, why the hell did I say I'd go. I'm really bot looking forward to it. I'd actually rather stay at school. I really don't want to go. I'm already starting to get panic attacks about the amount of people who are going to be there and the big rides which I'm awful with and the fact that I know I'll end up either ruining it for my friends like I did at disney land and/or end up having to queue with them find a way out of the ride as they get on and look after their bags. Like at disney land. The worst part is it was £27 to go and I payed it! Why on earth did I pay it?

I really don't want to go, it'll just be a repeat of Disneyland, where my friends forced me to go on space mountain(my first big rollercoaster) it made me feel sick, they went on it again, I had to queue with them then run across the rollercoaster and I stayed with the bags, they proceeded to go on all the big rollercoasters and made me queue with them then take the bags as I had to ask the people who work there how to get out, they made me eat bad food, which made me feel even more sick and I cried at Disneyland.

I only enjoyed 2 rides at disney land I felt either too sick to enjoy any others or I didn't go on them. The 2 rides were the buzz lightyear ride where you shoot aliens and the star wars simulator. Anyway WHY DID I SAY I WOULD GO AND WHAT DO I DO NOW?!?!?!?