so my cat is sick and i don't know what to do with myself and she might die and and and and ugh

and i hate myself for eating properly and i can't find the perks of being a wallflower on any of the sites i usually use and i just want to watch a fluffy film to cheer myself up but toothpaste my cat is so old and mum had to take her in the car today to the vets and she's so stressed and she might have a heart attack of she could just stop under all the pressure and just not be alive anymore and we wouldn't even know when she died because she could die in her sleep but i don't what her to stop. i just don't want her to stop. she can't stop. and i'm hungry but i lost so much weight and i want to keep going and i miss people and i'm worried about people and i'm lonely even though i have friends now and i just can't and i think toothpaste is hallucinating and i can't. i can't.