Repo! The Genetic Opera!

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Repo! The Genetic Opera!

My favourite film ever ok guys!
So I should be sleeping. But nah.

So it's a (FUCKING FANTASTIC IN EVERY WAY) musical set in the year 2056, and the plot follows Shilo, a 17-y-o girl with a fatal blood disease, who is kept locked in her bedroom (most of the time- sometimes she sneaks out) by her overbearing father, Nathan, who's also a doctor and working on a cure for Shilo. Her mum, Marni, died of this same blood disease, and never knew Shilo. One day, she sneaks out, after a bug that she saw which was glowing blue, and meets Graverobber, who's a drug dealer of this really addictive painkiller called zydrate. He's also the narrator. His main customers are the scalpel sluts, people who are addicted to surgery after GeneCo came out with the organ financing plan which let people get organ transplants easily after mass organ failure, and then turned it into a fashion statement. Eventually she runs into big cheese of GeneCo, Rotti Largo, who is a manipulative dick with three equally dicky kids; Amber- a scalpel slut who buys from Graverobber regularly; Pavi- a rapist and a murderer who takes the faces of his victims and uses them to cover his own scarred face; and Luigi- a murderer with a serious thing for knives and women.

I hope I didn't give much away welp.

Anyway. Do any of you guys like Repo?