Festival date fails, that music quiz thing, and a thing I'm going to start writing, among other things!

Yeah, lots of things... hehe.

So, it's nearly summer! Well, nearly spring. But it counts. And today I was so excited because I was like 'it's Ostara! Squee!' But Ostara is on the first of May, not March... >.< Faaaaail. I have to work on being positive and getting rid of all the bad shit in my energy stream before Ostara actually happens though, or I'm scared I'll be all over the place for the rest of the year... D:

So, I'm going to start writing... a thing. It's not a killjoy fanfic, it's just something that came out of my head after finishing reading Ash by Malinda Lo, which is a Cinderella-type book with a little of an unexpected (at first) twist xD It's a really good book, but I don't recommend reading it unless you're completely okay with lesbians. There's no squick, and you kind of expect it by the middle of the last bit... but yeah. So I'll be writing my own thing, featuring a human girl from a pagan-ish, almost rustic kind of background, and a faerie woman who at first is trying to drag the human girl down, but who slowly has a change of heart. And that's all I've got, really xD

Self harm awareness day! Or month, apparently. Awesome <3 I've written 'keep fighting <3' on my wrist. I hope everyone's safe and still snazzy and if you're not, I am here to talk to. Whatever's getting under your skin, chances are I've experienced it too (lots of shit has happened, honestly), so I can sympathise with, and offer advice to you on pretty much everything. Don't worry. :)

Okay, that quiz thing...

1) A song you like with a color in the title:
Black and White Ward - Rin and Len Kagamine

2) A song you like with a number in the title:
500 - Miku Hatsune (even though it makes me cry)

3) A song that reminds you of summertime:
Eastern Eyes - Nitin Sawnhey

4) A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about:
I have three..
Ne Me Quitte Pas [Don't Leave Me] - Regina Spektor (Jasmine)
I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance (Liam)
My Name Is (Slim Shady) - Eminem (Emily)

5) A song that needs to be played loud:
Captain of Crunch - Liquid Stranger

6) A song that makes you want to dance:
Matryoshka - Hatsune Miku and Gumi Megpoid

7) A song to drive to:
ZOMBIE - VERSAILLES Philharmonic Quintet

8) A song about drugs or alcohol:
The A Team - Ed Sheeran

9) A song that makes you happy:
Detekbivriyan - Nantoppet (it's just so cute!)

10 )A song that makes you sad:
Landfill - Daughter

11) A song that you never get tired of:
Floorplan - Tegan and Sara

12) A song from your pre-teen years:
Aristocrat's Symphony - VERSAILLES Philharmonic Quintet

13) Your favorite song from the first MCR album:
Vampires Will Never Hurt You

That's all for now I think, guys!
Stay Snazzy!