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Beep boop boop

Hello again ^^ I hath returned! Slightly hyper, for whatever reason, but I guess it's okay.
Let's start off with the bad stuff so the good stuff will seem better.

I am in shit and this is why:

I told my English teacher (Miss B) I would email her my essay on Lady Macbeth BUT I can't get into my school email, and I haven't finished it yet. Also I told her it was on my memory stick, and before that that in was in my book (which was 'at home') so she won't beleive me if I try to lie and get myself out of trouble again.

My /other/ English teacher (Mrs P) wants the poetry essay I was supposed to hand in aeons ago but the truth is I've been avoiding doing it because it's boring and we've already done it so why the fuck are we doing it again like I'm fucking sick of it

So what's happening is Mrs P is emailing Mrs B to see if I'll hand in her homework tomorrow because P won't be in but B will and she will doubtlessly find out that I was supposed to email Mrs B yesterday with my other homework and asdfghjsdfghjklsdfghjkl.

Also my mum hates me but that's a story for another time.

Also finally Charlie and the Chocolate factory fucking loaded mother of god how long does it take

Also I might ask my mum if I can get spiderbites and if not, another piercing in my ear which is the good news because she'll most likely say yes and she also might let me dye the ends of my hair!!


Alright I'mma poof
Stay snazzy <3