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[x] I love music
[x] my chem is one of my favorite bands
[x] i am who i am and no one can change that
[x] people hate me when i am myself

[x] my parents hate my style
[x] i am crazy
[x] i am shy
[x] i am funny

[x] music is who i am
[x] i play an instrument
[x] sing
[x] i have been to a concert

[x] i plan on going to a concert
[x] i have talked to someone famous
[] i have lots of friends
[] i have friends but they aren't true friends (not all of them are)

Bands i like:
[x] Green day
[x] My Chemical Romance
[x] avenged sevenfold
[x] fall out boy
[x] good charlotte
[x] cradle of filth
[x] evanescence
[ ] pinkly smooth
[ ] asking alexandria