My Awesome and Weird Dreams About my Handsome Best Friend.

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My Awesome and Weird Dreams About my Handsome Best Friend.

So, the only place I trust this is here, with my Killjoys/Soldiers/Marchers/Revengers/Bullets. I had this dream.... about my friend... my best friend. I mean I've had other dreams of this genre but not about him... I have been completely inlove with my best friend since we were just friends... even before that. When me and him were just... we only knew eachothers names, that was all we knew of eachother. But I guess you guys want to hear the dream, right?

Well, it starts out at a party }My friend Bobbi is having her 15th b-day party soon and me and Kyle my bestest friend are invited so I'm guessing it's her party on my mind{ were all in a circal }Bobbi, Kyle, Anita, Harley, Derrick, and I{ and I'm going to guess were playing Truth Or Dare. Anita }Shes a huge perv so I excpeted somthing from her{ She asks me "Truth Or Dare?" I reply "Dare!" She stares at me for a while and then looks at Kyle whos sitting in the corner of the room. She says "I dare you to kiss Kyle" }Everyone of my friends knows I'm completely inlove with Kyle.... even Kyle knows{ So I blush and start to say No but he nods yes....and I'm not going to say no to him.... hes fucking beautiful, and I mean beautiful. I sit in front of him }I've never dont anything with anyone...Im very inexperienced...well Ive had dreams and watched movies but Ive never done anything{ and he pulls me closer and he kisses me... like...well french kisses me. Then he wispers in my ear "I know you love me." then the room randomly changes and Im pretty sure we were in Bobbis basement... no one goes down there because its a bar and TV room and we all are addicted to Facebook and Youtube so we stay upstairs. He wispers again "I love you too, and always have" and he smiles and starts kissing my neck, he has his hands on my hips and Im on his lap. I smile and I put my head on his sholder and just fall asleep, of course now Im next to him, no longer on his lap...

Now... when I go to Bobbi's party I don't know how I'm not going to be able to tell will end up coming out somehow.... I can't keep anything from im, I love hims o much and trust him so much. I mean, Im the oldest out of my friends, it goes Me, Kyle, Anita, Harley, Bobbi, but were all between 16 and 15. Me being 16 and everyone else being 15 or turning 16. I sorta hope somthing like that happens, that could be my way over scattered hormones talking...but I would kill to kiss him... I would kill just to have his arms around me... no one knows how I feel about him... I just... I love him with all my little black heart.

Oh and BTW my friend Kyle... He looks and awful lot like Frankie Iero! I told you he was beautiful! <3