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These are some lyrics I wrote when I was kind of angry today, and I'm wondering if they're any good :) It's ok, though, I'm feeling better now :)

I don't know where my life is going
I don't know who the hell I am
I don't want to stand more of this
and I don't know if I even can

Where the fuck is all the laughter
Would it kill some people to maybe smile
Or notice what the world is coming to
Long dark roads, mile by mile

What's wrong with wanting to speak my mind
What's wrong with wanting to stop and think
It's only by doing the things that I love
that I can come back from the brink

The anger is setting in
The emotions just won't go away
I'm screaming to anyone who can possibly listen
but no ones hearing what I'm trying to say

Scream, Scream for what you believe in
Make it known that you are there

Just scream all you are, all you were, all you will be
Someone, somewhere has to care

I will listen to what you tell me
I will notice what you are
I will be there when you need me
You're burning bright, a rising star


Even when I'm angry, I always try to end on a bright note :)

P.S I know this would never happen, but please don't take it :)

Angel Fire