Why don't love me???

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Why don't love me???

First: happy birthday dangen days!!!!!

now: i was so happy to read a message from (fuck i forgot the Name, it was something with killjpy19)
now i know there are people in this World who like me like i am and want to know me. now i know there's an other
Family. it's you

than something about me: we'll i think i'm ok. it could be better but anyway
there's one thing in my life i can't understand: Why don't Love me????

it's just.....
i love him......
like no other person.
and i don't want to leave him.
he's my star,
my sun,
my light,
my life!

" it's just......
i hate him......
like no other person", i said.
but don't belive me.
my mouth can't tell you the truth,
but my heart and my eyes
can't lie.

it's just.........
i miss him.........
like no other person.
i would kill
to save him.
i would die
to save him.
i would forget all my memorys
to save him.
and i do.