The True Tales Of The Infamous Killjoys PT7

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The True Tales Of The Infamous Killjoys PT7

The drive was quiet. Nothing was said between Gold, Radio & I. As I was driving I swear I heard something drive by. Like a motorcycle or something. I guess I looked confused because Gold put her hand on my shoulder.

“You okay?” She said as she looked at me with concern

“Yea but did you-“ I was cut off

“Guys. The diner.”

Radio said as she pointed into the distance. She looked heartbreaking. Something about dinners bothered her. I didn’t want to bother her with questions. I sped up to avoid the odd silence & pulled up to the side of the diner. I opened the door & grabbed a bag pack that was under the seat & walked inside the diner while radio followed. Gold was pulling something out of the trunk of the car. The coast seemed clear so I didn’t bother taking out my Ray gun.

“Hello?” I said into the diner.

I sighed & walked over to behind the counter. It was stocked with BL/ind cans. I picked up the cans & began throwing them in the bag pack. Disgusted by the fact that we actually eat this stuff. Then again what else can we eat? Radio looked at me in aversion.

“I’m not eating that” she said

I threw her a can & she caught it.

“Don’t have much of a choice.” I said to her

It was quiet in the diner. Where was Gold? “Damn it why does everybody go missing?” I thought to myself.

“Wait here” I said to Radio as I walked out of the dinner.

I walked out side & turned towards neon nights (car). I slowly approached the car

“Gold?” I said softly as I looked in the car. I heard a small knock on my left side towards the diner. I turned to see what it was. It was Gold behind the dinner. She poked her head in the side of the diner. I looked at her puzzled. She shook her head & put her finger over her mouth.

“What the fu-“Just then something under the car grabbed my ankle & pulled me under the car. Small rocks skid across my back & left me small scratches & dust was every where. Under the car the figure put his hand over my mouth. I couldn’t see who it was there was a lot of dust in my eye.

“sssshhhh do you want to be ghosted?” He whispered.

DUN DUN DUN!!! Cliffhanger kinda :DDD