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idk im kinda having shitty day its like idk realy..i just got my meds changed and now im on brusebar that helps with axsiety, but im just getting like agrivated and anoyed with the side effecs caus i feel liek a fucking blank zombie iv had hard time coimunicating and talking with pll latly i have to think so much before i get anything out, it sux..i miss being a kid where i was so exsited..and wanted to learn and kno things..and make things..i was so fucking creative..and now i still have that but i need to unlock it some how..but for now i need to stick with fighting this shitttt.....cause it fucking sux..
im pretty ok tho i gues..i think its just i dont kno happy ness.or its hard to be happy..idk
im not realy sad or deppressed i just feel..lost maybe
its hard to even right a blog today, idont feel real..