When in doubt...

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When in doubt...

...call upon the MCRmy.

I'm a few months shy of being legal. (FINALLY. x] )

However..... I found out two things within the last year.
1: I have trichotillomania; it's awful.

and 2: I found out THREE DAYS AGO that one of my best friends passed away. He was my everything, and I have never lost a loved one before. I'm an absolute wreck & my trich isn't helping. At. All.

I've only told a total of three people about my trich, and they all say the same thing. "Stop." That's like me telling them "Stop wearing black t-shirts." and they'd say "Well, it's what I know; I've had them for years." To which I'd respond, "Trich is all I know. I've had it for years."

I'm lost, you guys.