Hullo MCRmy<3

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Hullo MCRmy<3

Just thought I'd stop in, write a blog that says "Hullo". *checks the title of blog* YAY!!! {Red Flag - Billy Talent}. So, tell me [Insert Your Name Here], how are you doing today?(:

Having a good day in [Insert Your Location Here]? xD Haha. OH! I has awesome news xD

My 3 year old brother (who's birthday is September 10th. Sound familiar?) likes My Chem xD I a couple of My Chem songs and he started headbanging xD

So Dear Black Parade Soldier, let's all have a party!!


I has an idea now. If you has an IMVU account...
Why not have a huge IMVU chat party thing xD

I don't know. It could be fun!<3

Thinks about it(:

Comment if you'd like to try it.
&& If you don't has IMVU, get it<3