A Blog!! Response To xxyourxangelxx!! xD

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A Blog!! Response To xxyourxangelxx!! xD

Probaly this is just a blog of the blog that user do
like a few minutes
ago !! well they are just question!!
jajaja lol!!

Here We Go!!!
( at that line i sound like Mario o Luigi?)

.1) What's your favorite MCR song?
2) Why WOULDN'T you marry your favorite MCR member?
3) Is Frank taller than a stick of butter?
4) What is the plural form of moose?
5) What are you listening to now?
6) Have you ever just sat down and cried because you've been holding it in so long?


1.- Well all are just fucking amazing well my favorite is Our Lady Of Sorrows , Thank You For The Venom , My Way Home Is Throught You , and Teenagers!!
2.- I will marry them if i had chance i mean you get it , cause i like a fan i if i meet frank i will marry him but if he doesnt want to i will make him wanna marry me!! :-)
3.- yeah of course but the question is? is he taller than me? lol
4.- meese right? ( sorry my bad english!!)
5.- My Chemical Romance - Cementary Drive
6.- yeah of course i mean it was one day my mom spang me very hard and then i just sat down in my bed and after like 25 minutes i cry and said ur such an asshole!!
bad mom!!